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About Me
I am Sasha Malamud, mama Sasha. Giving birth to my three daughters and breastfeeding them was very rewarding. Many years later, when I read an interview with Ina May Gaskin, “the midwife of America,” about the medicalization of birth in the modern world, I decided to become a birth doula. Why? Because it pains me to think that women and babies may suffer from unnecessary interventions and complications when, with the right physical help and emotional support, babies can come into this world gently and joyfully, women become empowered, and families become closer and keep the best memories of the event.

I received my training as a birth doula from DONA International in February 2012. My training and continuous inquiry into the matters of labor support, my personal experience, my yoga practice, and experience as a labor support professional and a volunteer yoga instructor - all help me to coach the laboring mother and her partner in positions and movements, apply hands-on comfort measures, and keep the calm and uplifting environment for the labor and birth.