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  What is a doula?
Below is the complete list of the services you will receive.

First we will meet for an interview at no charge, to decide if you and I are a good match.

If you decide to hire me, I will come to you for a prenatal visit. We will discuss your wishes for the labor and birth, and find the comfort measures that are likely to work for you. I will answer your questions and provide you with local resources and referrals, if needed. If you wish, we will work on your birth plan. More than one prenatal visit may be necessary.

I may accompany you to a visit with your doctor or midwife, if you like.

You may call me with your questions or concerns 24 hours / 7 days a week from the day of hire until several months postpartum.

When your labor starts, I will come to your home at your request, and go with you to the hospital or birthing center, or join you there. I will provide you with emotional support and physical comfort, help your partner to support you better, and assist you in gaining information needed to make good decisions throughout the birth. I will stay at your side until the baby is born, and two to four hours afterwards, to help initiate breastfeeding, if you desire it, and make sure you and the baby are fine.

I will come to your home in about a week after the birth for a postpartum visit, to admire the baby, and discuss the birth.